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Google Reviews

Service was quick, professional and reasonably priced. They advised us that our system was still under warranty so we were able to get the parts for free. Technician was friendly and professional. Would highly recommend and will definitely use them again.

Debbie Hanni


Courteous, knowledgeable, not pushy, responsive to questions, quick installation, fairly priced, always answered the phone …quite a long list. The heat pump and ventilation unit work well, of course it will take a while to accurately evaluate the system.

Robert Ham


We love Home Comfort Solutions! They are very knowledgable and friendly, great prices, and the office is so responsive! Definitely recommend!

Emily Longfellow


It’s like I found gold. This company cares about its customers. The are technically sharp and only perform the necessary repairs in parts and labor costs that are required to get the problem solved. They are courteous, friendly and explain things well while at your home. Their prices are more than reasonable. I now have a maintenance contract with them for annual AC & Furnace tuneups. Finding the above qualities in any service company is rare.

Wayne Viars

We keep your business running!

When your office is uncomfortable, we will respond quickly at fair prices!

If you haven’t been forced to work in an uncomfortable temperature, consider yourself lucky. It’s difficult to focus, so your productivity suffers. As an employer, you’ll experience a decrease in either productivity and an increase in employee turnover. Customers who enter your business will also be affected. They might rush out of your business before buying your goods or services. If you want to keep everyone in your business happy and productive, you need a commercial HVAC service you can depend on.

Here at Home Comfort Solutions, we are ready to deliver the commercial services that you need. We’ll take on all of your Moore heating and air problems.

Home Comfort Solutions provides your business with all your commercial HVAC service needs. We offer heating, air conditioning, and heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair. We also install and repair ductwork in both new construction and existing buildings. Our mission is your comfort – call us today!

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Call Us Today! 405-301-7297

Call Us Today! 405-301-7297

Here are Few Of Our Services

Commercial Heating
Heating and Air

Commercial Heating

Our team is experienced in all makes and models.
Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning

Installation, repair, and maintenance – we do it all!
Temperature Control


Whether traditional, Wi-Fi, programmable, or smart thermostats, our technicians can install and repair your commercial thermostat.
Duct Work


We offer ductwork solutions for installation and upgrade. Call us to find out how upgrading your ductwork can actually save you money!

Commercial AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Most people don’t realize that a commercial HVAC service company offers more than just repairs. Although you can rely on us to handle your repair, you can also trust us to do your installation or maintenance. Find out more about each of our commercial services.


Do you take the maintenance of your commercial HVAC system lightly? You shouldn’t – maintenance is one of the most important parts of owning an HVAC system. Unfortunately, some business owners neglect their systems. Others hire companies to do the maintenance, but those companies fail them.

Here at Home Comfort Solutions, we know how hard you work to keep your business successful. Part of that success means having adequate heating and cooling. Our maintenance plan keeps your heating and cooling going strong through the seasons. Because our technicians are extremely detailed, they don’t miss a thing. Whether you call us for one-time maintenance or you sign up for a plan, you can trust us with your commercial HVAC system.


Sometimes, there’s no way around getting a new HVAC system. If your old system is breaking down frequently or just approaching the end of its life, then it’s time for a replacement. But choosing the right replacement is difficult. You might not know which system you should choose, and you will probably have some questions about the process. When you work with our experts, you get all the advice you want on your replacement. Our professionals will guide you and make sure that your new commercial system is reliable, energy-efficient, and able to handle your demands.

It’s crucial that your installation is done properly. If it’s not, you’ll be in for trouble. Before you start a search for commercial HVAC companies near me, you should know the importance of choosing a company that will do the install properly.


Your commercial heating and cooling will probably fail when you need it the most. If you don’t want the failure to impact your business, you need to act quickly. And that means hiring a company that will come out when you call them. When you call us at Home Comfort Solutions, you always get a rapid response. Our technicians come out to you before your business starts to suffer from the lack of heating and cooling.

Of course, a rapid response time isn’t the only thing that matters. A quick response means nothing if the repair isn’t done well. If a technician fails to diagnose the problem or doesn’t fix it properly, you’ll continue to have issues with your HVAC system. Our technicians have extensive training and experience, which makes them qualified to take on the most difficult of repairs. You can trust them to repair your commercial heating and cooling.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

If you overlook the importance of commercial HVAC maintenance, you hurt your business. There are three reasons for this. First, there’s the fact that your system is more likely to break down without maintenance. Depending on when it breaks down, you could be forced to close down your business until your Moore heating and air is restored. Every minute that you’re closed hurts your business.

Secondly, there’s the fact that your HVAC system will have a shorter lifespan. If you don’t give your system the attention it deserves, it won’t last. Over time, it will need to work harder and harder to heat or cool your business. This puts more wear on your system, which means you’ll need a replacement. Due to the high cost of commercial HVAC systems, you should try to make yours last as long as possible.

Finally, there’s your utility bill. As previously mentioned, a poorly maintained system must work hard to heat or cool a business. It’s inefficient, and that costs you money on your energy bill. If you want to save money, you should keep your AC and heater in top shape.

With a maintenance program from Home Comfort Solutions, you can give your system the TLC that it needs. Having a maintenance plan is an investment that pays off in the near future. Our technicians are very thorough and will look for any flaws in your system. Then, they’ll change out your filters, lubricate bearings, and perform a variety of other tasks. With the help of our technician, your system will be more efficient and will last longer.