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Google Reviews

Service was quick, professional and reasonably priced. They advised us that our system was still under warranty so we were able to get the parts for free. Technician was friendly and professional. Would highly recommend and will definitely use them again.

Debbie Hanni


Courteous, knowledgeable, not pushy, responsive to questions, quick installation, fairly priced, always answered the phone …quite a long list. The heat pump and ventilation unit work well, of course it will take a while to accurately evaluate the system.

Robert Ham


We love Home Comfort Solutions! They are very knowledgable and friendly, great prices, and the office is so responsive! Definitely recommend!

Emily Longfellow


It’s like I found gold. This company cares about its customers. The are technically sharp and only perform the necessary repairs in parts and labor costs that are required to get the problem solved. They are courteous, friendly and explain things well while at your home. Their prices are more than reasonable. I now have a maintenance contract with them for annual AC & Furnace tuneups. Finding the above qualities in any service company is rare.

Wayne Viars

Our mission is your family’s comfort!

When your heating or air conditioning is giving you trouble, call our team for help!

When your heating or air conditioning is giving you trouble, call our team for help! Our residential HVAC service offers repair and installation of new systems. We know how much your home matters to you, and we want you to maximize your comfort. To accomplish that, we strive to keep your HVAC system working. Stop looking for residential HVAC near me and start working with us at Home Comfort Solutions.

When your Moore heating and air fails you, what should you do? No matter what season it may be, you need your HVAC system to regulate the temperature. All it takes is a small issue to cause your Moore heating and air conditioning to stop working. You and your family won’t have any reprieve from the weather outside. To be prepared for the worst, you should know who to call for your HVAC repairs. It’s important to find someone who can come out to you quickly and do the job right the first time. Home Comfort Solutions can do just that. We’ve been providing high-quality services to individuals in Moore and the surrounding area.

Our expert team provides you with knowledgeable service at fair prices, with your satisfaction guaranteed. The next time you find your home too hot or too cold, call Home Comfort Solutions!


Call Us Today! 405-301-7297

Call Us Today! 405-301-7297

Giving You Residential Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Do you know who to call for residential HVAC near me? Instead of wasting time comparing companies, give us a call at Home Comfort Solutions. We offer all of the services you need to keep your home comfortable. Whether you need HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance, our team is ready to help.

The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have your home running smoothly. If you use us for maintenance, you can count on our technicians to leave your system running more smoothly than before. When you are in need of a repair, our technicians will respond quickly and assess the problem. Then, they’ll repair it as soon as possible. If it’s time to completely replace your system, you can depend on us to get it installed with as little disruption as possible.

Here are Few Of Our Services

Residential Heating
Heating and Air

Residential Heating

We diagnose and repair problems with your furnace. Our team can work on any make or model!
Residential Air Conditioning

Residential air conditioning

We diagnose and repair problems with your air conditioning. Again, we can work on any make or model.
Ductless Mini Split System
Ductless Splits

Ductless mini split systems

We can install and repair ductless mini split systems. We are local experts on these efficient units!


We can troubleshoot, install, or inspect your home’s thermostat. Whether you want a new, programmable thermostat, or need your current one looked at, we are your team!
Duct Work


We can repair and replace your home’s ductwork. Whether your current ductwork is inefficient or just in need of repair, we take care of it all!

Why HVAC Maintenance Matters

What are you doing to keep your HVAC system working? If you can’t answer that question, you might have a problem. Neglecting a residential heater or air conditioner is almost a guarantee that your system will break down. If you don’t give it the attention that it needs, your HVAC will fail you. Like any mechanical system, an HVAC system needs lubrication, inspection, and cleaning. It works hard all year to control the temperature in your home. To prevent an untimely breakdown, you need an experienced heating and cooling specialist to look at your system.

There are some steps you can take on your own to maintain your HVAC. For instance, you could change your filters out every three months. You can also keep the exterior unit free of debris. But that’s not enough to keep your system running well. You need someone to examine all the components, from the condenser to the thermostat.

Saving You Money

Often, making money is about investing. When you spend money on HVAC maintenance, you’re investing in your home. There are a few reasons for this.

First, you save money on repairs. Regular maintenance prevents the need for repairs. During your appointment, a technician will look for potential issues. They might identify a problem before it requires a significant repair. Additionally, the work they do on your system is enough to decrease the likelihood that you’ll need repairs.

Secondly, you lower your energy bills. Over time, dust and particles collect in your system. This makes your HVAC worker harder to heat and cool your home. As a result, your energy bills will be high. If you look for residential HVAC near me to take on your maintenance, you can save money on your utility bills. You’ll have less energy use, and your bank account will thank you.

Another benefit to maintenance is the increased life of your AC or heater. If you don’t take care of your HVAC, it won’t last. You could find yourself needing to replace your system long before you should have to. On the other hand, a well-maintained system might last even longer than you expected. Considering the high cost of replacing your residential HVAC, this should be reason enough to keep up with your maintenance.

Finally, a home with a well-cared for HVAC system is easier to sell and sells at a higher price. One of the first things a potential buyer will look at is the age and quality of your HVAC system. If it’s poorly-maintained, a buyer might think twice about purchasing your home. Even if they go forward with the deal, they could lower their offer based on your Moore heating and air conditioning.

Working with Home Comfort Solutions to maintain your HVAC is an easy way to save money. Call us to learn more.